CORGROUP® LLC is a Java RCP software developer and consultant. From one person consulting to team development, we can help at all stages of your RCP project. CORGROUP® brings over 30 years of business application development experience, focusing on the Java Eclipse RCP platform since 2006.

One of our most recently completed projects manages multiple database systems utilizing Hibernate and Spring frameworks in our server-side Apacheā„¢ Tomcat RCP war plug-in and RCP application. This allowed legacy client applications to continue to function while next-generation software was developed and implemented. Combining data from three independent systems merging to one in the final client/server application package.

Throughout this project, CORGROUP® worked closely with each department focusing on creating a user-centered interface designed to be both comfortable and efficient.Ā CORGROUP® has extensive practical experience with SWT GUI design and development used with the Java Eclipse RCP development platform. Due to the size and scope of our projects, hundreds of views of all types were created and are available for future projects.

The business logic required for this project includes customer management, vendor, distribution, product, sample, formula, chemical management, quality control, and regulatory management.

CORGROUP® brings a rich portfolio of proven Java RCP code to each new project reducing the time and cost throughout all stages of your project. Give us a call. We would love to take on the responsibility of building your next industry-specific application.