COR•REC powerful features empower you to take complete control of your finances without unnecessary complexity.

One-Time Price

Bid farewell to recurring monthly fees. With COR•REC, you pay a one-time price and own the software forever, generating incalculable savings.


COR•REC can be used offline without an internet connection. Your data is safe, secure, and always accessible.

About Us

We have had the privilege of developing innovative accounting software and business management solutions that help businesses of all sizes, industries and geographic locations run more efficiently and profitably. Our experience working with people to address their requirements has gone into developing COR•REC. CORGROUP® and its expanding group of associate developers are providing a stream of business software solutions ready to plug into the COR•REC platform.

Ralph Bosson is a dedicated, self-taught, self-motivated software architect and developer. Over the years, Ralph has faced many design and implementation challenges and evaluated countless technologies. He believes in releasing only polished products. His talents range from award-winning gaming software to over 30 years of business management software development.

When Ralph is not working, you will find him on motorcycle race tracks or hitting dirt trails. As with his work, he wholeheartedly takes on new adrenaline-fueled challenges.


Why use COR•REC

One-Time Price, Unlimited Potential

Take control of your business finances and fuel your growth with our expandable and flexible solution. COR•REC encompasses all the essential tools you need to efficiently track your finances, create budgets, and generate insightful reports for better decision-making.

Cost-Saving Features:

COR•REC Accounting has built-in alerts and user error detection features, helping you catch and rectify potential issues before they become major problems, ultimately saving you money and frustration.

No Data Limits:

COR•REC Accounting doesn't impose data limits, providing you with the flexibility to manage your financial data without constraints ensuring that your financial reporting needs are met without any hurdles.

Extensive Reporting Options:

Information is indeed the fuel of success, and COR•REC delivers it abundantly. With unlimited standard and detailed audit and financial reports, you have all the insights you need at your fingertips, empowering informed decision-making for your business.

Quick and Stress-Free Setup:

Setting up COR•REC is a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes with three simple steps. Just select your Chart of Accounts, optionally add your logo for a personalized touch, and choose your preferences.

Maximum Efficiency

With COR•REC Accounting, running your entire company's accounting is a smooth and efficient process. Its automation processes handle repetitive tasks while you focus on core operations, maximizing productivity and saving you valuable time.

Intuitive User Experience:

If you're already familiar with paying bills and invoicing clients, then you'll feel right at home with COR•REC Accounting. Its intuitive interface ensures a seamless transition, eliminating the need for extensive training or learning processes.

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