A snapshot of our experience

Software Solutions

A snapshot of our experience....

Our experience working with people in diverse industries creating software to address a myriad of requirements has gone into developing COR•REC Business Management Software. CORGROUP® and others will be creating COR•REC plugins to round out all your business software requirements.


CORGROUP® has developed an array of manufacturing industry-specific software solutions. Each software solution provided collaboration within the organization's departments with integrated multi-user client-server applications. CORGROUP LLC projects included time management, vendor and employee management, inventory and purchase order systems, sales and assembly management, state and federal payroll, tax reporting, insurance, and accounting systems. Additionally, our software engineers set up communications with Clausing (CNC) machinery.


Our client claimed a 35% boost in productivity, and we believe them. CORGROUP LLC projects for the flavor and fragrance industry included specially developed multi-user customer management, vendor, distribution, product, sample, formula, chemical management, production, quality control, and regulatory management systems. The complete integration of these systems provided automation throughout the company, eliminating manual and redundant efforts while reducing system views were developed to provide detailed information with extensive sort functions to review, track, modify and report on all order processes.

Viewing and reporting on a formula’s makeup, including version tracking, calculations, production information, chemicals, ingredient lists, as described to customers, and status reports. This instant viewing of the production status, along with sales contacts, product pricing, shipping, and billing, maximized response times.

Our regulatory solution enabled the calculation, tracking, and management of IFRA limits, Allergen levels, and customer restrictions, as well as, the production of IFRA Certificates for the customer, country, & chemicals. A comprehensive QC system designed to facilitate the tracking of quality control data and the generation of specification reports, COA, MSDS-8, and MSDS-16 documents.

Additionally the ability to track and report on the performance of sales representatives and their commissions. Most useful, is the ability to assign user restrictions and privileges, giving the client complete control of their companys operations.


CORGROUP® projects involved a variety of construction-specific business management solutions tailored to commercial concerns and craftsman organizations. Each software solution offered special features specifically designed for each client.

Solutions enable our construction industry clients to efficiently manage their entire business with a single multi-user client-server application. Software included numerous project management solutions including, but not limited to time management, employee management, vendor, contractor, inventory, and purchase order systems. Estimating included revision controls, budget, budgeting, change orders, and scheduling. General accounting, state and federal payroll, tax reporting, and insurance systems offered everything an executive, accountant, and staff require.

Integrated solutions across all departments eliminated the duplication of entry. Job budget items automatically update as invoices and payroll information entered. Budgeting automatically updates as costs are recorded. Creating work orders, material lists, and proposals from estimates, invoicing by job, time and material, actuals, or on the fly. Real-time comparison of an estimate against actuals, materials used, time factors along with all other job costs made available to decision-makers. Job specifications were organized into groups and tasks within groups for the precise development of work orders and job control used by contractors, vendors, and crews. Capabilities included the creation of proposals, contracts, estimates, budgets, material lists, and work orders.

Printing / Publishing / Graphics Design

CORGROUP® LLC's list includes a children’s book publisher, digital publishers, and numerous commercial printing and graphics companies.

Our systems provided to clients include commission royalty management systems, and data storage systems that covered thousands of manuscripts over multiple locations. Commission royalty systems were designed specifically for each client and the products they offered. These systems offered complete tracking, payment, and reporting of sales commissions which significantly reduced administrative costs and time.

Other features included the implementation of a file transfer system to automate the transfer of files and folders to their specified hosts. Automation processes were set for times ideal for both client and host to avoid any interruption of daily tasks.


Partnerships in the distribution industry involved the development of integrated custom software solutions that managed our client's business operations and automated their inventory-related tasks. This greatly improved their warehouse performance.

CORGROUP® projects involved diverse distribution-specific businesses that ranged from the simple to the more complicated fulfillment centers. Offering a single multi-user client-server solution enabled our distribution clients to facilitate information between all business functions to minimize costs and decrease fulfillment times.

The software featured fully integrated shipping solutions, transportation management, and inventory solutions. Organizational group/subgrouping methods were designed so that information may be entered, modified, and obtained quickly and easily. Users can effectively monitor the flow of products with real-time minimum stock level reporting, in-stock, on-order status, and stock shortages or surplus reporting for both single and multiple warehouses. Inventory information, as it is transported, product sales performance, customer demand, and customer buying patterns are made readily available for fast accurate decision making.

Government HUD

CORGROUP® designed property management solutions to manage and track thousands of housing projects. Developing systems to maximize productivity, reduce time-consuming processes, and make information readily available.

Property management solutions included:

  1. Specially developed multi-user project planning
  2. Project budget development
  3. Capital budget development
  4. Revision management
  5. Monitoring systems
  6. Work order for outside contractors and staff

To precisely manage and stay within specifications allocated funds, the project offered the viewing of comparison budget costs to actual reports.

CORGROUP® projects for housing authority agencies included specially developed multi-user project planning, project budget and capital budget development, revision management, monitoring systems, and work orders for outside contractors and staff. Throughout a project view comparison of budget costs to actual reports to precisely manage and stay within specifications allocated funds. Redundancies were reduced throughout the system with features to create boilerplate documents with editing ability.

Other features included tracking contractors, maintaining rates for each trade, and tracking equipment and crews. Its integration with inventory provided methods for automatically maintaining stock counts, stock in transit, minimum and maximum stock levels, and reorder points.

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