We have had the privilege of developing innovative business management solutions that help businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographic locations.

Here are just some of our many satisfied clients.

Construction Industry
  • Joseph A. Larocque Company
  • Early New England Restorations
  • Deschenes & Cooper Arch. Millwork
  • Finn Jorgensen Fleetwood Ent.
  • Kelly Enterprises Inc.
  • Richard Riggio and Sons
  • Koury Communities
  • Jeffrey S. Honsberger Masonry
  • The Home Company
  • Juniper Knoll Construction
  • The Robert Kach Group
  • Frey Electric Inc.
  • A.E.S.
  • Chemical
  • Little Harbor Labs
  • Carrubba Inc.
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • The Wilson Arms Co.
  • Moroso Performance Products, Inc.
  • Stacy Sklare, Inc.
  • Tye-In
  • Thermal-Flex Systems Inc.
  • DC Embroidery
  • Printing & Publishing Industry
  • Kirchoff-Wohlberg Inc.
  • Kirchoff-Wohlberg - New York
  • Globe Pequot Press
  • JB Silk Screen
  • Lyrob Graphics
  • Gamma Graphics Inc.
  • Garland Publishing
  • Graphic Industry
  • Bill Brown Design
  • Commercial Printing Company
  • Dave Morrell Designer
  • My Place or Yours
  • Guilford Printworks
  • Douglas E. Brown Designer
  • Paul Halagan Designer
  • Jean Callan King Designer
  • John Muller Associates
  • Douglass Company
  • Toucan Group
  • Diane Blasius Designer
  • I'm Your Type
  • Patty Hefner Designer
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Chips Pub III
  • Chips Pub II
  • Distribution
  • JB Metal
  • Tube Fitting Specialties
  • JC Business Systems
  • Dupont System
  • Parks & Recreation Industry
  • Guilford Parks & Recreation Dept.
  • Marlborough Parks & Recreation
  • Coastal Sports & Leisure
  • Government
  • Rochester Housing Authority
  • Guilford Police
  • Town of Guilford
  • Eduction
  • Yale University
  • Branford High School
  • Guilford Public Schools
  • Advertising Industries
  • Signature Advertising
  • Muir Advertising
  • Stark
  • Architecture
  • Crosskey Architects
  • Environetics
  • Medical
  • Middlesex Cardiology Assoc.
  • Institute for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
  • Q & D Associates of Connecticut
  • Fresenius
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • East River Oil
  • Gastite
  • Dating Service
  • Kate McCabe's Connections
  • Financial
  • R.T.S. Financial Services, Inc.
  • Metro Mortgage Corp.
  • Other Industries
  • Grace Christian Fellowship
  • Oak Park Condo Association
  • Senior Insurance Services
  • Network Real Estate
  • Bosson Optical
  • Doc Rock Digital Productions


"With the abundance of commercial and custom software available on the market no package is of value without complete, accurate and timely technical support. CORGROUP® provides this kind of support consistently." ...

"A Custom Software solution has revolutionized the operation of our business. The amount of man-hours required for the processing of orders, from their initial entry to their final invoicing, is now one-sixth of what it was one year ago. In short, our sales have increased, our margins have improved, and we are making money."...

"CORGROUP® was capable at every turn to keep the project on budget, on time, and beyond our expectation. We can state with some degree of perspective that CORGROUP® is without peer in our experiences...."

“CORGROUP’S  ability to communicate with both the experienced computer operator as well as the novice in a precise and understandable method helps keep training time to a minimum which is important when considering costs beyond the initial software price.”...

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