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Foster Early Growth, Ensure Future Success

As business consultants, we know the pain of seeing clients with immense potential but limited resources waiting on the sidelines before they can access your full suite of services. It's a missed opportunity for both them and for you.

CORGROUP has a way to unlock their early growth and pave the path for future success, all while generating an additional revenue stream for you.

COR•REC Partner Program

COR•REC Business Management is the bridge between potential and achievement. Our software gives businesses the tools needed to manage their business finances and offer critical data insights - even before they're ready for your premium offerings.

Imagine equipping your clients with the tools to:

  • Print and Email personalized invoices.
  • Customize their GL to meet their unique business needs and future changes.
  • Financial reports to satisfy tax and reporting needs.
  • Create Budgets with audit-based reporting.
  • Handle their account payable with ease.

The Partner Program Benefits:

Joining our Partner Program aids you in bringing new clients in with minimal effort. Become a catalyst for early client growth and your own lucrative success:

Fuel client potential

With COR•REC, your clients flourish and so do you, paving their future with your premium services.

Expand your reach

Attract new clients by offering a comprehensive solution, including COR•REC's software.

Deepen client relationships

Build stronger bonds as you guide them towards early success with COR•REC.

Partnership Made Easy

Joining is seamless

Call us and introduce your consultant business.

Refer Clients

Introduce your clients to COR•REC, and for every sale, earn your commission.

Grow Together

Watch your business thrive as you empower your clients and build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Unlock early growth for your clients and your business!

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Start building your COR•REC bridges for your long-term success.

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